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Small Yet Powerful Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen

By February 25, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes, it’s the smaller equipments in the commercial kitchen that will get the job done, faster and at ease. Not only some small equipment pieces make way for ease in the function of larger counterparts in terms of commercial use, these equipments are also designed to handle higher volume usage.

Let’s evaluate some of these equipments that you can use to run your commercial kitchen efficiently and effectively.

⇒Electric Can Openers. Can openers are must haves for restaurants that use a lot of canned ingredients. This powerful electric equipment saves time and effort in opening of cans.

⇒Food Packaging Appliances. These are appliances that your restaurant primarily needs to properly store and preserve food. Vacuum packaging machines with or without seal bars and digital controls prevent cross contamination and maintain the shelf life of food.

⇒Commercial Mixers. A commercial grade mixer is ideal for bakeries and cafes. The equipment comes with an assortment of attachments that you can use for mixing batter, pizza dough, and even frostings and icings. The largest out of all the mixing units – commercial floor mixers, are especially dedicated to high-volume applications.

⇒Meat and Seafood Equipment. To prepare your meats, poultry, or seafood, you can consider using clam shuckers, meat choppers and grinders, or shrimp cutter amongst other equipment. These powered equipments come with attachments or accessories.

⇒Grinders and Graters. There are various models of grinders and graters with various power levels available for commercial kitchen use, such as spice grinders, electric cheese graters and shedders, and more. You can easily prepare herbs, cheeses, and spices with these equipments according to the needs of your restaurant.

⇒Commercial Blenders. Commercial blenders are must haves for drinks and food preparation. You can choose from immersion blenders to food blenders with adjustable speed and digital control to cover anything from smoothies to soups.

⇒Commercial Food Processors. This equipment is great for preparation prior to cooking, such as chopping lettuce, dicing tomatoes, grating cheese and more. Depending on the volume of cooking, you can use buffalo choppers, combination processors, batch bowl processors, continuous feed processors, or even vertical cut mix processors to make your cooking preparation more efficient.

When choosing equipments or appliances for your commercial kitchen, always ensure that the appliances can handle high volume usage. Never underestimate the size of the appliances. Be it big or small, when you make the right choices with the right observation, you would eventually notice how durable or powerful some small commercial items are.

At the same time, also considering using the right larger equipment for your main food preparation process. Let’s consider combi oven as an example. Combination ovens can serve as the jack-of-all-equipment-trades in a commercial kitchen. One combi oven can often do the work of a convection oven, steamer, braising pan, holding cabinet, smoker and even a dehydrator. Being able to match an equipment like this to the right smaller equipment will only improve the efficiency and consistency in the food preparation of your kitchen.

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