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Ever wondered what an espresso is or whether it is just another fancy term for coffee? The short answer of it is, yes. An espresso is the liquid extracted from the coffee bean and you can get a good cup of espresso through a specific preparation of robusta or arabica coffee beans. What sets an espresso apart from your typical cup of coffee is in its preparation.

Other traditional coffee-brewing methods can take time as the hot water must be slowly-filtered through your grounds. This of course, puts several precious minutes between you and that fresh cup of coffee.

Espresso machines were invented to assist baristas make expresso more consistently and efficiently. These machines pressurise and shoot hot water through finely ground coffee beans to give you a caffeine-packed shot of coffee.

With an ability to maintain incredible consistency, Synesso Espresso machines allow baristas to have an unmatched control over their brew. Offering not only thermal precision and pre-infusion, Synesso espresso machines also come with a volumetric function and pressure profiling.

With so many variables constantly at play in the art of making espresso, the ability to regulate any of these aspects becomes a key factor in creating a repeatable shot recipe.  Synesso has an industry leading heat and water system with maximum stability, and minimal loss, which results in a system that varies no more than 0.75 at any given time in the brew cycle, regardless of how busy you get.  Say goodbye to temperature surfing.


Pre-infusion has become a commonly used tool in espresso making.  By saturating the puck of espresso grounds, the espresso extracts more evenly, and reduces the negative impact of channeling. The Synesso technology includes programmable Pre-infusion time per group.

Volumetric refers to the ability to program a specific amount of water to run through the portafilter for each use.  Our volumetric machines come with 6 programmable settings for different volumes.  This function alleviates baristas worries about turning a shot off, and it can increase repeatability of brew parameters. Volumetrics are available on our MVP and MVP Hydra models.
Pressure profiling can be a great tool to aid in finding your perfect shot of espresso. Synessos technology drives four stages of pressure changes that you can set  to dial in the acids, sugars, and texture of your coffees.  Using these stages allows far greater command of an espresso shot, and affords the user the ability to fine tune to any particular roast profile.  The Synesso system uniquely facilitates repeatability in a high volume setting.
Beverage operators have 3 options to choose from, from the Synesso range of expresso machines – S Series, MVP and MVP Hydra. While you may not need a fancy machine to give you a good cup of espresso, this equipment does makes preparation easier and more accurate. To gain more information on the Synesso range of Expresso Machines, visit Common Man Coffee Roasters International Pte Ltd at

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