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Food plating and presentation is especially important when it comes to defining your restaurant and keeping your guests happy while they dine. Yet, these important aspects are often overlooked by restaurants operators when purchasing tableware or by chefs who are either too busy or more concerned with the taste of their dishes. The general mindset that these are just plates has resulted in many plateware faux pas.

It is important to remember that people eat with their eyes, and creative and thoughtful plating can enhance both the look and taste of your food as well as the aesthetics of the restaurant. While there are no incorrect plating rules, there are several important points to bear in mind as you select the best plateware for your restaurant.

Choosing The Perfect Plate

1) Choose the right type. Ceramic, melamine, porcelain, glass, earthenware, or paper – there are endless options when it comes to choosing the type of plate you want to have in your restaurant. Take into account factors like durability,  material, colour, design and cost. Remember that every material has its advantages and disadvantages i.e. some are more practical than others, while some look better with certain types of food.

2) Find the right size. Once you have chosen the type of plate, make sure that it is big enough for your food to stand out, but small enough that the portions do not look too little. The plate size of your choice will largely depend on the type of food and portion size you want to serve.

3) Select a complementary colour and design. The colour and design of your plate is also important. For example, selecting a floral patterned plate is eye-catching in any place setting. You can mix a colourful floral pattern with any colour of your choosing in a way that looks perfectly planned, yet creative at the same time. Additionally, floral patterns look lovely when displayed in a restaurant, saving you some time on decorating. A great example of blooming plateware beauties that give that pop to your table any day are the Hanasuisai Plates. Coming in a set of five, these small floral patterned plates are attractively designed with watercolours, and each plate shows off a different floral pattern. With a focus on comfort and simplicity, Hanasuisai plates are based on Japanese tradition and nature, making them aesthetically-pleasing tableware, decoration or even, gifts.

So, whether you own a fine dining establishment, casual restaurant, or eclectic cafe, thoughtful and attentive plating can surely improve the impressions of your diners, keep them happy while dining and as a bonus, add to the overall aesthetics of your business. To view some beautifully designed Hanasuisai Plates in person, drop an email to Ceramic-Ai Co.Ltd. at !

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